Ag Laboratories in the Jewish Exponent Newspaper

Ag Laboratories in the Jewish Exponent Newspaper

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Jewish Businesses Meet Demand for Sanitizers, PPE

By Sophie Panzer -November 5, 2020

“Allan Goldshteyn’s business has expanded 240% since spring, but he’s not exactly happy about it.

Goldshteyn is president of AG Laboratories, a cleaning and sanitizing company that initially specialized in disinfectant products. Now, it offers the GermBuster Service, a pathogen-killing regimen for businesses, housing units and community spaces.

“Unfortunately, my market has expanded,” he said. “And at the end of the day, our goal is to help businesses reopen and for the customers to feel safe.”

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While the pandemic has caused an economic recession and strained businesses like bars and restaurants, health-related companies are seeing increased demand.

Jewish business owners like Goldshteyn have responded to the new normal by offering products and services that individuals and organizations need to operate safely. Some have built on their existing companies, while others have started entirely new ventures.

Goldshteyn said the disinfectant product he uses, PRO-Techs, is a positively charged nitrogen that kills microorganisms, which are all negatively charged, by electrocuting them. Unlike other disinfectants, which can evaporate after a few hours, PRO-Techs is designed to keep surfaces free of viruses and bacteria for up to 90 days.

This isn’t an ordinary disinfectant that can be applied with an average spray bottle or wipe, he said. Goldshteyn and his team use an electric static dispenser to charge the particles as they’re sprayed. Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned with another disinfectant prior to treatment.

The product, which is only manufactured by two companies, is not a miracle cure, but Goldshteyn said that it is a strong defense against the coronavirus, with an EPA registration to prove it. It is also water-based and non-toxic, making it safe for use around food, children and pets.

Goldshteyn and his team create certificates for businesses and organizations that have completed the program, which can be displayed to give customers and guests more peace of mind. They have treated local businesses, health care providers, housing units, synagogues, and churches as part of reopening plans.”

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