GermBusting Services

Ag Laboratories offers a groundbreaking service that repels and destroys bacteria, germs, and viruses for up to 90 days.

We have developed a program where we clean and sanitize your facility with EPA registered product. These revolutionary products have a residual kill claim of 90 days.

Typical disinfectants evaporate after just a few hours. We have a patented breakthrough antimicrobial nano-technology that electrocutes viruses with a 99.9% kill claim. 

Our GermBuster Service has been proven to be successful because our partners have developed a unique three-part molecule.

The first portion of the molecule is Silane based. This enables the molecule to bond to any surface especially floors, walls, countertops, doorknobs, equipment, and fabric. 

The second part of the molecule contains a central positively charged nitrogen. Cell membranes in bacteria and viruses are negatively charged. Our molecule lures the negatively charged cell membranes to it. 

The final part of our molecule carries a long molecular chain that pierces the microbes and kills the organism.

The GermBuster Service halts the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses using a physical kill on the molecular level. It completes this by electrocuting- unlike a chemical kill. Our services uses EPA registered products.

Why use Ag Laboratories GermBuster Service?

  1. Save money on purchasing disinfectants and sanitizers every month 
  2. Know that your facility is protected from germs, bacteria, and viruses 365 days a year. This will comfort your patrons and staff.  
  3. Save time and money on manpower. You and your staff can focus on making you money. 
  4. Feel safe and worry less! You and your team will not have to manage and handle dangerous chemicals.