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Ag Labs Germ Busts Beth Or Synagogue

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Ag Labs Germ Busts Beth Or Synagogue

Ag Labs Germ Busts Beth Or Synagogue!

Ag Labs was recently at Congregation Beth Or and not for our Bar Mitzvah!🔯

We germ busted Beth Or’s beautiful 65,000 square foot building and temple! 🦠

We used our proprietary testing system to test how clean Beth Or’s building was before we germ busted it.

Before we germ-busted Beth Or, they were at a 21 which is great!

After we germ-busted Beth Or, they went down to a 2!

What sets Ag Labs apart from other cleaning and disinfecting services is that our germ busters solution lasts for up to 90 days!

After we clean your place of business we give you signs and certificates to show your employees and customers that you have been officially germ busted!

Thank you, Beth Or for allowing us to germ bust your facility and for taking the extra steps to give your people peace of mind!

About Beth Or

Our Vision

To inspire lives of Jewish meaning, purpose, and practice in order to be a “light unto the nations.”

Our Mission

Congregation Beth Or is a Reform Jewish synagogue inspiring our members and striving for excellence as a Kehillah Kedoshah, or a sacred community. We care for one another, welcome those who seek to join us, work to repair the world, foster lifelong Jewish learning, support Israel and the Jewish people everywhere, and continually reach for that which is holy.

Our Core Values

Core Values are essential enduring tenets; a set of timeless guiding principles that do not change. These 8 principles guide us throughout the strategic planning process and in all our endeavors as a sacred community.

About Ag Laboratories

AG Laboratories mission is to provide customers the best products at the best price.

Our priority will be to build relationships and form a partnership where we can bring our expertise into helping solve cleaning, sanitizing, and cross contamination issues.

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